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highest paid nba players

In all international sports NBA (National Basketball Association) is renowned for its lucrativeness for the players. In fact, the highest paid NBA players on the top of the heap set the records for the highest salaries. If we look a bit back in NBA history, then we’ll find that the rates at which players were paid are low than today. Because they set their records and as the more proficient player earned a name he broke the record of the previous one. Like the proliferation of basketball history, NBA history of salaries is also growing day by day.

So, let’s see how these highest paid NBA players reached that level of salaries.

Here is an example of Magic Johnson, who set the record in 1997-98, when he signed a contract and highly paid $33,140,000, and this record of his was maintained for even 20 years. But, after him, Stephen Curry was the one who broke Johnson’s record back in 2017-18, when he signed a contract of $201 million which was for 5 years. In the 2017 season, at the start of the contract, he was paid $34,682,550 and it reached $45,780,966 at the end of the contract. 

No one could break the record of Stephen Curry, and still, he is the highest-paid NBA player in the world. He is also estimated to cross the milestone of $50 million in a single season in 2024.

List Of The Highest Paid NBA Players 

Below is the table of highest paid NBA players along with their basketball teams, basketball positions, age, and salaries:

Rank Player Team Position Salary Age 
1Stephen CurryGolden State WarriorsPoint guard $48,070,01434
2Russell WestbrookLos Angeles LakersPoint guard $47,063,47833
3LeBron JamesLos Angeles LakersSmall forward$44,474,98837
4Bradley BealWashington WizardsShooting guard$43,279,25028
5Kevin DurantBrooklyn NetsSmall forward/power forward$42,969,84533
6Paul GeorgeLos Angeles ClippersSmall forward/shooting guard$42,492,56831
7Kawhi LeonardLos Angeles ClippersSmall forward$42,492,49230
8Damian LillardPortland rail BlazarersPoint guard$42,492,49231
9Giannis AntetokounmpoMilwaukee BucksPower forward$42,492,49227
10Klay ThompsonGolden State WarriorsShooting guard$40,600,08032
11Rudy GobertUtah JazzCenter $38,172,41429
12Anthony DavisLos Angeles LakersPower forward/center$37,980,72028
13Khris MiddletonMilwaukee BucksSmall forward$37,948,27630
14Jimmy ButlerMiami Heat Small forward/shooting guard$37,653,30032
15Tobias HarrisPhiladelphia 76ersSmall forward/power forward$37,633,05029
16Luka DoncicDallas MavericksPoint guard/shooting guard$37,096,50023
17Trae YoungAtlanta HawksPoint guard$37,096,50023
18Zach LaVineChicago BullsShooting guard$37,096,50026
19Kyrie IrvingBrooklyn NetsPoint guard$36,503,30030
20Pascal SiakamToronto RaptorsPower forward$35,448,67227
21Ben SimmonsPhiladelphia 76ersPoint guard/shooting guard$35,448,67225
22Karl-Anthony TownsMinnesota TimberwolvesCenter/power forward$33,833,40026
23Devin BookerPhoenix SunsShooting guard$33,833,40025
24Kristaps PorzingisDallas MavericksPower forward/center$33,833,40026
25Andrew WigginsGolden State WarriorsSmall forward/shooting guard$33,616,77027
26Joel EmbiidPhiladelphia 76ersCenter/power forward$33,616,77027
27CJ McCollumPortland Trail BlazersShooting guard$33,333,33330
28James HardenBrooklyn NetsShooting guard/point guard$33,000,00032
29Jrue HolidayMilwaukee BucksPoint guard/shooting guard$32,544,00031
30Nikola JokicDenver NuggetsCenter $32,478,83827
Highest Paid NBA Players


Overall, the salary cap in the NBA always remains the most enticing factor for basketball fans either of the player’s salary or referee salary. Even in recent years, the NBA salary cap reached the point that set people in awe, because it keeps on increasing season by season. 

however, these highest-paid NBA players are the perfect examples of the blend of skill, fame, and fortune in the world of professional basketball.

But, it’s also a fact that the players mentioned above in the list, the highest-paid NBA players, reach this point of their career only by the strong efforts, skills, and dedication they give to their game. So, if they’re highest paid NBA players, they worth it.

The salary cap is the amount that a team pays to their players which is allowed by National Basketball Association(NBA). 

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