Basketball Drills For Kids Updated Guide 2023

Basketball drills for kids

Looking for fun and effective basketball drills for kids? Then go through our comprehensive guide to basketball drills for kids of all ages and skill levels. And help your young athletes to develop their skills and love for the game with these engaging drills.

You should go to our beginner basketball drills section if you work with children (8 and under). You can cheer up your team with these fun basketball drills for kids.

These consist of more challenging basketball drills for kids to learn the fundamentals.

These exercises will significantly benefit youth coaches who work with children in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades and middle school coaches who work with 11th, 12th, and 14th-grade children.

Your squad will improve with these drills

  • Increase your rate of field goals made.
  • Raise your ability to finish layups under duress. Take good care of the ball.
  • Create very efficient dribble moves.
  • Improve your passing timely, and accurate.
  • A better team attack will result in more points.
  • Utilize excellent on-ball and off-ball protection to neutralize your opponents.

It is essential for saving you time and accelerating team development.

You don’t need to sort through tens of thousands of useless exercises. Since these are some of the most effective kid-friendly exercises, use them!

Even fun basketball drills for kids and games. These entertaining exercises and games are a fantastic way to begin and finish practice.

By doing this, many of your players cultivate a love for the game that lasts a lifetime and continue to play it in the future!

  • Drills for kids on shooting and laying up
  • Drills for Dribbling and Handling the Ball for Kids
  • Drills for passing for kids
  • Footwork Drills for Children
  • Protection Drills for Children
  • Toddlers’ Offense Drills
  • Drills and Activities for Children

Many of these exercises require multiple skills. The footwork, ball handling, and triple threat basketball moves may all be practiced during one of the shooting exercises. Shooting, defending, and rebounding are possible drills for ball control.

Basketball drills for kids on shooting and laying up

  • Form Shooting Exercises to Develop a Great Shot – These drills help establish a solid shot base.
  •  Form Shooting Drill: Team Structure This demonstrates how to build up your team’s form shooting drills.
  • Elbow Shooting Drill – You also know your team’s rotational shooting practice format besides learning to fire from the elbow.
  • Fastbreak Shooting Drill – 12 Players, 1 Hoop – This practice not only helps you improve your fast break shooting, but it also demonstrates how to set up a shooting drill when you have a lot of players and just one basket.
  • 3 Pass 1v1 Shooting Practice (There is also a 3v3 variation! Here’s an excellent method to get people interested in Shooting.
  • 1v1 Shooting Exercise with Away Screen – This drill practices shooting after a screen. For players to practice attacking defenders, it is done in the actual world.
  • 3v3 Away Screens – This 3v3 exercise is a great way to incorporate passing and decision-making into your shooting drills.
  • Three progressions for teaching layups are available; they make excellent instructional tools.
  • The “Forgotten” Situation (1v1) Layup Drill: This drill targets finishing in the lane, a frequent occurrence in games.

Passing Basketball Drills For Kids

1. Pair Passing – This simple exercise will teach your players how to transfer the ball technically.

2. Pass and Switch – This is an enjoyable, quick-paced passing exercise.

3. Wall Passing Drills – Using this technique, repetitions are increased while passing and hand-eye synchronization are improved.

4. Diamond Reaction Passing is a great warm-up and mental focus practice for your players.

5. To get opponents used to your passing drills, play the games “Monkey in the Middle” and “Bull in the Ring.”

6. Full court drill that stresses passing, cutting, and footwork: 3 on 2 Continuous Passing – No Dribble.

Toddlers’ Offense Drills

  • Teaching your players how to slide and stop the defense with the defensive slide exercise is crucial.
  • The hip turn drill is an essential exercise that trains your players to change directions quickly.
  • Defensive Shell Drill establishes appropriate defensive movements and help positions. A building block for all effective strategies.
  • Reaction Rebounding – By doing this, you can rebound better and complete each defending possession.
  • 1v1 Overlap Exercise – This drill teaches you how to defend effectively in 1v1 situations in addition to ball handling.
  • 1v1 Wing Close Outs – This exercise simulates blocking shots and halting dribble drives.

Protection Basketball Drills for Kids

1. cutting- and screening-related drills

Teaching your players how to move without the basketball starts with the first three youth offense exercises.

2. String Spacing – Dribble at Wing – This young basketball player’s exercise teaches them how to locate an open space when dribble penetration occurs.

3. Dribble at Post String Spacing: This exercise shows how to change directions when your post players receive a baseline drive.

4. The Pass and Maneuver in 5v0 Players are taught to perform according to your half-court plan through drills.

5. 3v3 Away Screens: This offensive drill is excellent for showing players how to use screens.

The no-dribble offense basketball drill for kids is among the finest half-court offense drills available.

7. No Dribble Advancement – This excellent no-dribble exercise variation takes out Shooting to allow for more repetitions.

8. 5 on 3 + 2 Fast Break Offense Exercise – This exercise will help you develop your fast break offense.

9. Ball Return Offense Drill: Better offense frequently results from ball reversals. It demonstrates to your participants how to improve their decision-making, passing, and movement without the ball.

Footwork Basketball drills for kids

1. Jump Stop Drill – This exercise is excellent for cutting down on travels, improving balance, and honing techniques to enhance passing and scoring angles.

2. “7 Progressions for Footwork and Passing: Quick Stops and Pivoting” builds on the first.

3. Red Light – Green Light (For Footwork & Dribbling) – This game is entertaining and can help you develop better balance and feet.

5. Dribble Tag – Everyone It – A fantastic game that instills the skills to be an excellent ball controller.

Drills and Activities for Children

1. Pivot 21 is an enjoyable exercise to help you with your footwork.

2. “let’s go!” is a great way to promote hustle and defensive footwork.

3. Chaser Drill – This fun warm-up exercise will increase your quickness and strengthen your lower body to help you avoid injuries. It’s also excellent for athletes.

4. Dribble Knockout – This enjoyable variation of the traditional Knockout game introduces ball handling.

5. Dribble Tag – Everyone It – A fantastic game that instills the skills to be an excellent ball controller.

The following features of basketball drill for kids -friendly basketball exercises can be found:

  • Pleasure and Interest:
  • Skill-Based\sAge-Appropriate:
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Variety of Positive Rewards for Safety


Children’s basketball drills for kids are an excellent method to teach young athletes the basics of the game. Coaches help kids grow in confidence and lay a solid foundation for their basketball endeavors by teaching fundamental skills and providing pro basketball tips for dribbling, passing, Shooting, and defense.

Always put player safety first by offering sufficient guidance and ensuring they wear the proper gear. Coaches can encourage kids to enjoy basketball and put them on a path to success by emphasizing fundamentals and fostering a positive learning environment. Learn more from here.

Frequently asked questions

A: Kids as young as five can begin learning the fundamentals of basketball, like dribbling and transferring. The child’s readiness and level of interest in the activity will determine the exact age at which you begin teaching basketball drills.

A: For novices, it’s crucial to concentrate on fundamental abilities like dribbling, passing, and Shooting. Dribbling relay races, passing and catching exercises, and layup drills are excellent beginner basketball activities.

A: Try incorporating games and competitions into the basketball exercises to make them more entertaining for the kids. Players can participate in shooting or dribbling competitions, for instance. You can also incorporate interactive elements like music to keep the activities interesting.

A: During kid’s basketball practice, safety comes first. Players should utilize the proper footwear and protective gear, according to coaches. To stop, it’s crucial to watch over players and modify drills to fit their skill levels.

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