Basketball Equipment List & Facilities for Training, to Wear and Protect, Top 25+

Basketball Equipment List

Since the origin of basketball, it strikes a chord with the public, of course, because of its unique characteristics and one of them is that it can be officiated with a small number of basketball equipment. Like basketball and basket/hoop, and can be played outdoors or on wooden or asphalt floors. 

At the initial stages of playing basketball, you can start up with these basic basketball accessories, but as you become more interactive with the game, some other basketball equipment is also needed to facilitate your game. Some accessories to wear for training, protection, comfort, and to improve performance, and style become added to your basketball equipment list instantly as you go far in the basketball.

So, let’s discuss the basic basketball accessories first and then we’ll go for other basketball equipment for training and protection.

Basketball Equipment List: Basic 

The basic basketball equipment list includes:

  • Indoor ball
  • Outdoor ball
  • Basketball hoop/basket
  • Basketball pump

Indoor Basketball

indoor basketball

Indoor basketballs are made up of usually composite material or synthetic leather as it goes best with indoor courts of wooden flooring. Indoor basketballs are available in different sizes and variations. Basketball sizes are available like sizes 4,5,6, and 7. 

To select the size for your basketball, do keep in mind your age, handling ability, and also your personal preferences. Further, you can take help from the basketball size chart to help yourself to select the ideal size ball for you.

Different basketball brands are also available in the market, all these brands have some features in their products. You can research these basketball brands and select the one which matches your temper. Furthermore here is the complete basketball buying guide from where you can research further.

Outdoor Basketball

outdoor basketball

Rubber, genuine leather, or composite leather basketballs are used outdoors. Commonly genuine leather basketballs are used as these are more resistant to wear and tear because in outdoor play wearing and tearing is more usual. However, rubber basketballs are also used as outdoor basketballs as these are more affordable than leather balls. So, choosing the right ball for you depends upon your preferences and budget. Here are mentioned all the key points to consider when buying an outdoor basketball.

Like indoor basketball, outdoor basketballs are also available in different sizes, you can opt for the ideal size for you by considering your age, budget, and personal priorities. If you are still confused about your size then here is the complete size guide to help you to select the perfect size for you.

Basketball Hoops/Basket

basketball hoop

Basketball hoops or basket is the 2nd basic basketball equipment. These are the baskets in which the ball is thrown to make a goal. These are of different types like portable, wall mounted, fixed, for kids, etc. 

Usually, in the pickup basketball game which is played in the half court, one hoop is required. While in the official game or leagues two hoops are hung on the full court. Basketball hoops are typically made up of steel and include the rim, net hooks, mounting brackets, and support arms. To get to know more about basketball hoops, go for the guide to the best basketball hoops. 

Basketball Pump

basketball air pump

The basketball air pump is another important piece of basketball equipment used to inflate the basketball when it becomes deflated. If the pressure on the ball isn’t up to the optimal level then it’ll affect the game. Like the ball doesn’t dribble properly which in turn lowers your performance.

Basketball air pressure mostly lies between 7psi to 9psi(pounds per square inch). You can set pressure according to your playing conditions and ball. You can further search here.

Basketball Equipment List: Footwear

Basketball equipment for training and facilities includes footwear, apparel, and protective gear. We’ll discuss these one by one. While footwear basketball equipment comprises:

  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Insoles
  • Laces and fastening system

Basketball Shoes

basketball equipment images: shoes

Choosing the right sneakers for the game is also a crucial decision to make your performance remarkable. Because if you’ll use a basketball of the wrong size or one which doesn’t suit your body, then it’ll make you feel uncomfortable and indirectly affects the ultimate results of your game. So, be careful while buying basketball shoes. 

Using the comfy basketball equipment can make all the difference in the game. Using the perfect shoes can keep you warm and protected and you can focus on the game thoroughly. 

Different brands offer basketball shoes like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Jordan, puma, etc. All these are famous basketball brands. However, you can also search for other brands and can choose the one that exactly matches your temperament. These brand-name basketball shoes usually range from $50 to $150.

Still confused about which basketball shoe you should buy? Let’s go with this buying guide for choosing the best basketball shoes for you and selecting the one for you.

Basketball Socks

basketball equipment images: socks

Socks can also be regarded as a vital piece of equipment to consider while playing. Using socks with bad material or having low-quality socks can cause blisters, or allergy-like problems, which technology affects your game. 

Choose socks having moisture-wicking properties and provide cushioning support to make you comfortable and keep you protected. When choosing basketball socks it’s not that necessary enough to consider basketball brands but you select randomly which compliments your skin and body.


basketball equipment images 

Insoles are the additional basketball equipment to wear with the shoes. It provided extra cushioning and support along with the shoes. Some players may need insoles to keep in their shoes to address their need for additional support and to enhance comfort.

Laces and fastening system

shoe laces

Some shoes require extra fastening like the use of zippers and scraps. These are used to make your shoe size ideally perfect for you and to make you feel easy.

Basketball Equipment List: Apparel

Pieces of equipment under the apparel category of the basketball equipment list are:

  • Jerseys
  • Shorts
  • Compression gear
  • Shirts and tanks
  • Headband and wristband
  • Compression sleeves
  • Warm-up gear
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Style and branding


basketball jerseys

Jerseys are an important piece of apparel basketball equipment. These can also be regarded as an identity mark for a player. On the front & back side of the jerseys, each player’s number and team logo is printed. These are used in NBA official leagues, or school or college basketball.

Basketball jerseys are usually very loose, breathable, and sleeveless. They’re quite more comfortable for the player during the game rather than casual dresses. You should also check the jersey’s material to be moisture-wicking. Mostly the material used to make these jerseys is polyester, or sometimes nylon and cotton stuff is also used.

If you’ll go towards brand jerseys, you may find them expensive like $70 to $80. But you can find the replica or the ordinary one to maintain your budget. 


basketball shorts

Shorts are one of the basketball equipment to uniform along with jerseys. In warm weather when you play you would surely prefer to wear shorts. Because as you’ll play the game will start sweating. However, in cold weather, if you’re playing outdoors then you can go for pants also If you’re playing the pickup game.

While playing indoors whether in cold weather or warm weather, you can go with shorts, if you feel comfortable with them. Like jerseys shorts are also made with the stuff having moisture-wicking capacity.

Compression Gear

basketball compression gear

Compression gear is the part of basketball equipment list worn under the shorts. This has a number of benefits for your body like muscle comfort, muscle movement, regulate your body temperature ad blood pressure.

These tights have a supporting purpose for your body, and keep you fit and healthy by alleviating the risk of injuries and swelling.

Shirts and Tanks

basketball shirts and tanks

Shirts and tanks are the pieces of basketball equipment list used not more commonly. Only some players prefer to wear tanks under their jerseys to keep them warm and active.

Mostly in cold weather tanks are worn, otherwise as during the game players start sweating, so they don’t prefer to wear tanks.

Headband & wristband

wrist band

Headbands and wristbands are collectively also called sweatbands. These are also crucial pieces of basketball equipment list. Headbands are usually worn to protect your eye from sweating, which can distract your focus and make you feel annoyed. 

While wristbands are worn to avoid your hand from sweating, so you may improve your grip on the ball and also can play safely.

These sweatbands (headbands and wristbands) are also used to alleviate pains and aching on the head and wrist. So, you can play the game comfortably. 

Compression Sleeves

compression sleeves

Compression sleeves are a versatile addition to your basketball equipment list to wear. It’s the belief of professional players that while playing the game, extra support and warmth are needed to make you play easily and help aid in post-game recovery. 

These compression sleeves regulate the circulation of blood, avoid muscle vibrations and stabilize the joints by providing gentle compression to the arms and legs.

Whether you’re playing a pickup game or any official game, some precautions must be followed to make you play safely and for the long run.

Warm-up Gear

These are essential parts of basketball equipment list to make the player ready for the game both mentally and physically. Warmup gear includes all the equipment to make to you feel warm and ready for the game, like compression gear, compression sleeves, etc.

These gear not only provide protection but also able you to look like a professional player and be well-known about the game, its accessories list, and its consequences. 

Bags and Backpacks

basketball bags

Bags or backpacks are the essential equipment of any game. Because sometimes it becomes difficult for a player to handle all the equipment. So, the best solution is to keep it in a safe bag which is suitable for all the equipment you have to be placed in it. 

However, while buying bags, do consider their functionality and durability. Padded straps and its breathable material make it easy to use for a player. During the game, or traveling a reliable bag is a must-have in the basketball equipment list for every basketball enthusiast.

Style and Branding

Style and branding, nowadays, become an integral part of basketball. As each team embraced its unique sense of style and fashion like special sneakers, apparel, and other basketball equipment. Brands’ presence is now capitalized as these accessories become an iconic symbol of the players’ expansion.

However, we can say that style and branding have not only revolutionized in basketball, rather in all sports and even in every profession of life you’ll see people make their distinctive presence with their distinct style. 

Basketball Equipment List: Protective Gear

Protective gear are for the security of the player which is very necessary to proceed the game in a way it should be. Basketball equipment list of protective gear involves the following:

  • Mouth guards
  • Knee pads
  • Ankle braces
  • Protective eyewear
  • Nose guards and face masks
  • Finger protection

Mouth guards

mouth guard

Mouth guard is a kind of basketball equipment worn on the mouth to support your oral area, mouth, teeth, jaws, etc. Mouth guard is necessary because it protects the players from severe dental or oral injury while making the hardest moves. It keeps your teeth and jaws safe even if you’re slightly hit by someone or something.

Protective gear like a mouth guard also makes the player confident that he is safe and then he can play with ease and remain focused only on the game.

Knee Pads

knee pads

These are the on of the crucial slice in the basketball equipment list, protecting the knees and reducing the risk of severe knee injuries. These are designed with cushioning support and flexibility, so they can absorb shocks while jumping, running, or moving. Knee pads add additional support to your knees which makes you comfortable knowing that your knees are safe and protected from any kind of severe injury bruises, and other potential strains.

These pads are usually made with a durable material having both breathability and flexibility, allowing the comfortable fit and ease to move for the players.

A typical knee pad costs about approx. $25. While its price variate depending on the quality and the brands whose knee pad you’re buying.

Ankle Braces

ankle braces

Ankle braces are used to protect your ankles, by keeping them safe from injuries, bruises, and dislocation. They provide extra support to your ankle so you can move freely while running or jumping. Get knee pads of high quality as it keeps you safe and sound which is very essential to play further.

Ankle braces averagely cost $15 to $50. While it may vary depending on the features and specifications.

Protective Eyewear (Goggles, Glasses)

basketball protective eyewear

Protective eyewear is the basketball accessories used to protect your eyes from injuries from the interaction with little flying objects or dust. These are usually goggles or glasses which are light in weight and are designed to wear comfortably and fit. So, that the player can focus on the game rather than on his/her safety.

The typical average price for protective eyewear ranges from $20 to $60.

Nose Guards and Face Masks

basketball face mask

Nose guards and face masks are the protective gear in the basketball equipment list for facial security. Nose guards provide extra cursing support to the nose while face masks cover the whole mouth and keep it in a safe zone from the risk of injuries. However, the players recovering from facial injuries must use them to protect their faces from further injuries.

The average price for nose and face masks is $15 to $50, and it may variate from this depending on the brand, quality, and the stuff you’re using.

Finger Protection

basketball equipment: finger protection

Finger got the injuries like jamming, spraining, or even fracturing during gameplay. So to avoid these severe injuries finger protection tapes, sleeves, or guards to provide support, stability, and protection to the fingers. 

These finger-protection basketball accessories are made from durable and flexible material to provide natural movement to the fingers and avoid the risk of relatable injuries.

Prices for the finger protection accessories range from $5 to $25. However, variation is possible from this because this is a raw average price.

Note: Protective gear in basketball is a requisite investment for players which provides both safety and performance. When a player is equipped with all the safety measure/protective gear, he’ll be confident about his/her safety and will focus on the performance of the game entirely.

This will also add an enjoyment factor to your game because you’re away from the risk of injuries. 

Basketball Equipment List: Court

Until now we have discussed the basketball equipment list for training, to wear, and for the body. Now we’ll discuss the basketball court equipment. These are the following:

  • Floor
  • Backboard
  • Scoreboard


basketball court floor

Indoor basketball court flooring is of wood, hardwood, or synthetic material. Indoor court flooring provides excellent traction, and shock absorbent, and also allows fast-paced game. Indoor basketball courts require no maintenance and are thus an ideal choice for professional arenas.

However, outdoor basketball courts are made up of hard materials like asphalt or concrete. As the outdoor courts have to bear also severe weather conditions, so are designed in such a way as to survive longer with them. These courts are considered the best answer for recreational and entertainment games.


basketball court backboard

The Backboard, an important piece of basketball equipment list on the basketball court, is a target for the ball for shooting and rebounding. It’s made up of durable material like tempered glass or acrylic, which provides excellent rebounding abilities. 

The backboard price varies from $200 to $2000 and also varies depending on the size, material, and brand you are using. 


basketball court scoreboard

Scoreboard is an essential piece in the basketball equipment list of court for safe gameplay, as it mentions the scores, the time passed, the time is taken, and the shot clock on it. All these numbers and figures display in a readable way so that everyone can know about the game. It keeps the spectators of the game and the players updated and interested in the game.

Scoreboard prices are very high, starting from $1000 and so on.


So, this was all about the basketball equipment list. All the pieces of equipment whether basic, apparel, protective, or court are necessary to secure and enjoy your game. Being equipped with all the necessary equipment help you to stay focused on performance, without worrying about your protection or wearing.

It’s worth noticing that not all the players require all the basketball equipment list mentioned above in the list. Every player selects the equipment to wear according to his/her needs and facilities. 

As technology is going to advance level new and new inventions led the games to a more secure and interesting level. It’s not only in the case of basketball but also in all areas of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basketball’s standard court size is approx. 94 feet in length and 50 feet in width. However, this isn’t the fixed size of all the courts, rather different courts also have various sizes depending upon their requirements. 

Basically, basketball shooting pieces of equipment are:

  • Basketball
  • Basketball hoop
  • Basketball net

Whether, other equipment like shooting sleeves, wristbands, finger protection, and other equipment are used to support good shooting.

Best basketball shoes for ankle support are designed with features such as high collars, reinforced ankle support, and advanced cushioning systems to provide stability and minimize the risk of ankle injuries during intense gameplay. Some examples are:

Baseball pieces of equipment are different from basketball in terms of specific requirements for each game. However, you can use the protective gear of basketball in baseball like hand and finger protection. 

As such there is not basketball equipment training is needed to use them. Because they are easy to use and handle. However, you can get the training related the tips to improve the basketball.