Basketball Size Chart || Advance Guide Approved by Experts 2023

basketball size

How devastating it seems, if all your efforts become out of whack, even after so much practice? Why does this happen? It happens because of needing to choose the right ball too apropos to basketball size or material. So,  it seems, keeping aside your practice and skills, game equipment should also be picked out precisely.

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To help you to choose the right ball for you here is the complete basketball size chart, 

Ball sizeCircumference (in inches/cm))Recommended Age groupRecommended Height (ft)Weight of Ball
Size 7    29.5 / 74.93  Men’s professional6.2 and above22 oz
Size 6    28.5 / 72.39  Women’s professional  5.8 to 5.1120 oz
Size 5    27.5 / 69.85  Youth (under 12 years)  4.8 to 5.217 oz
Size 4    25.5 / 64.77  Junior (under 8 years)  3.6 to 4.214 oz
Size 3    22 / 55.88  Mni (4 years)10 oz
Basketball Size Chart

More About Basketball Sizes

Size 7 basketball is for official men players. It’s a large size basketball for large hand spans and is officially used in high schools, college, and professionally. It’s also a standard-size basketball used in NBA associations and leagues.

Size 6 basketball size is a little bit smaller than size 7, and is officially considered as standard size woman basketball, as it is for a bit little hand span. These-sized balls have been used in WNBA, FIBA, women’s high schools, colleges, and as professionals.

Size 5 basketball is a standard youth basketball for the age group 8 to 11. It is used for youth and intermediate-level players, and also in many school programs, youth leagues, and also in national and international competitions for players under 11.

Size 4 basketball size is a junior and light-weight basketball which is easy to handle for kids of age 5 to 8. As light in weight, it’s easy to operate for the kids who are developing their skills and also in many school programs. 

Size 3 basketball is a mini size, and used by kids of age 4 and under. Very small-sized ball and effortlessly to handle. Labeled as toddlers and micro basketball.

Score Big With The Perfect Fit!

It is requisite for a player to handpick a fit basketball in order to improve scoring. Fit basketball means picking out the basketball by taking into consideration your age, height, and shooting style. Wrong size ball will wreck your scoring, and also make you persistent with a wrong-sized ball, and when you’ll want to get rid of your bad habits, it’ll become very difficult for you’ll become habitual to it.

If a small-sized basketball ball is used instead of your recommended perfect size, then it will become difficult to control the ball and it becomes challenging to maintain the resistance of the ball, and also a big congest in the way to improve your skills.

Using a big-sized ball makes you frustrated as it becomes strenuous to handle such a heavy ball and takes the edge off of the enjoyment of the game. 

So, it’s indispensable to use the perfect fit to score big. 

Frequently asked questions

It usually becomes a hard nut to crack to choose a perfect size. So, thinking outside the box for you I’ve elucidated a detailed chart on basketball sizes. You can take help from it.

Still confused about the right size!

Don’t worry just consult your coach, he’ll tell you the perfect size according to your playing style and bouncing, shooting, and dribbling habits. 

Yes, NBA uses standard-weight (22 oz) basketball with a circumference of 29.5 inches, an official size for men. This sized ball is also used in other professional leagues and competitions.

For men, the standard-size basketball has a circumference of 29.5 inches and a weight of 22 oz. this is officially ensign size and used in national and international leagues.

For women, the standard size of the basketball is 28.5 inches, a little bit smaller than the men’s official. Women’s official ball weighs 20 oz and is also used in WNBA leagues.

There is no such a big difference, but as you know small things matter a lot, so, this small difference is also worth a major. 


In the finale, basketball size is the pivotal factor in affecting the game of basketball, irrespective of the fact that you’re using the best indoor basketball or outdoor basketball. So, it’s important to select a well-sized ball. Whether it’s a standard-size ball for an adult league or small sized ball for kids, a healthy pick-up always upgrades your bouncing, shooting, and dribbling.

Also to make the game enjoyable you must have some interest in it, and interest develops through achievements in your game. And in turn, achievements are through choosing the right equipment like the size of the ball and the material of the ball. So, be careful while making a purchase and must read the basketball size chart before spending your money.

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