Basketball Tips for Beginners, Tips for Shooting, Dribbling, Passing, and Defense

Basketball Tips

Are you trying to push yourself to the limit in a basketball game? Then you must know that you are always young enough to learn. Whether you’re a beginner or a master player there is always room for improvement and learning. 

Hard work counts more than natural talent as practice makes a man perfect. Thus, practicing with advanced basketball tips and tricks takes your shooting, dribbling, and passing to the next level on the court. So, here is a comprehensive guide on advanced basketball tips serving from beginners to expert-level players.

Let’s dive into it!

Basketball Tips: Shooting

Shooting is the most essential skill in basketball. Better shooting can’t be achieved just by learning and learning, in fact, most of the popular players spend hours and hours practicing, and then become expert-level players.

So, here are some tips to follow through while shooting 

The BEEF method 

Beef stands for:

  • Balance
  • Elbow
  • Eye
  • Follow through 

Balance: Adjust your body in a balanced position like the legs and shoulders pose similar width and your body balanced enough to go towards the jump. Put your weight on your feet by bending your knees slightly.

Elbow: The position of the elbow is under the ball directly and at 90 degrees angle with the ball. While the ball is placed in the hand in finger handling.

Eye: Keep your eye focused on a point like on the rim, some players focus on either front of the rim or on the backboard, but a specific spot focus is necessary to reach the goal.

Follow through: All body postures and actions should follow the ball while shooting. After releasing the ball keep your body in shooting position for some seconds in order to balance and increase accuracy and to hit the ball to the target.

More advanced tips and tricks are introduced with time. Do follow these tips to excel in basketball. Moreover, you can’t be perfect on your first try, but keep practicing, and you’ll surely meet your goals.

Basketball Tips: Dribbling

Set your body position: your body posture should be balanced like feet and shoulder width be the same. Bent your knees and give your arms an arc shape. Balanced body placement makes you flexible to take the right moves.

Dribbling: after you’ve set your body placement, now you’re ready to dribble the ball. Dribble your ball up to your waist and you can also use both hands one by one or collectively while dribbling.

 At the start, set the random amount of dribbles you want to make like making 15 dribbles with the right hand and then 15 with the left hand. Once you get used to it you do dribbling from both hands.

Static dribbling and running dribbling: when you dribble the ball by remaining at one position either in one way or the other then it is static dribbling. 

Once you acclimate with static dribbling, now move towards running dribbling like dribbling the ball while running or walking.

Eye’s focus: keep your eye focused on the ball and surroundings to compete with the environment. Although, it’s quite difficult to keep focus also while playing, but, with the passage of time and practice, you’ll surely, be used to it.

Consistency: it matters a lot to be a reigning champion. When you play and practice constantly then your body gets used to it and while competition responds accordingly. So, practicing consistently is very important.

Basketball Tips: Passing

Use two hands: use both hands to pass the ball to your teammate accurately. 

Be alert: you should stay alert while passing like keeping an eye on defenders and pass your ball to your teammate who is free rather than to a person who is crowded.

Differ your pass: while making a pass do ensure to vary your pass, for instance, chest pass, bounce pass, and overhead pass. This will make your defender keep guessing. You can also use a fake pass trick to scheme your defense.

Use the right amount of force: use a suitable amount of force to pass the ball to your teammate, so that it reaches without being so hard or soft.

Trick the defense: always look in a direction other than you want to pass the ball. This will dodge your defense and make it easy for you to pass the ball to your teammate.

Basketball Tips: Defense

 Defense tips include using tactics to avoid opponents from scoring and enhancing the opportunities for you to score more. 

These tactics include:

Stay low: Keep your body bent to improve your agility and move to change your direction quickly. 

Move your feet: Put your weight on your knees to move side by side and stay alert.

Keep your hands up: Keep your hands up to discourage your opponent.

Stay focused: Keep your eyes peeled on your opponent’s strategy and movements.

Stay between the opponent and the basket: Stay between the opponent and the basket to dishearten them to make a goal or to pass a ball.

Communicate with mates: Do communicate with your mates to make a strategy and plan to face the opponent.

Keep an eye on the ball: It’s very necessary to stay focused on the ball to anticipate opponents’ moves and to play accordingly.

By acting upon these tips, you can avoid basketball fouls like triple threat basketball, basketball goaltending etc, which effects your performance.

Teamwork Tips

In any game, good teamwork is of paramount importance. So, the following are some basketball tips related to improve your teamwork:

Effective communication: Good communication is key to a successful team, so, players should be in sync to play effectively. Be sure in a team that everyone participates in conversation and gives their ideas to improve performance.

Make everyone aware of their responsibilities and keep clear and regular meetings to discuss regularly.

In teamwork union also matters, so try to cooperate with each other and talk over issues collectively to solve them. Try to share your unique basketball tips to help your weak fellows and do take them with yourself.

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses: When you’re working in a team, you should know your abilities and disabilities so that you can cooperate with the team qualitatively.

When everyone in a team will be aware of their strengths and weaknesses then they’ll employ them in the right way. This will boost your team’s score.

Be supportive: In a team, no one can be a jack of all trades, and neither everyone is a master in his skills, so be supportive of one another. 

Strength lies in numbers, that’s why working collaboratively surely hit the mark against individual work.

Practice together: Practicing together is good practice in order to build chemistry and to know each other. 

By practicing together, you become appraised of everyone’s habits and can get basketball tips from them also and find the areas of improvement to strengthen your team’s vigor.

Set goals: To work in a disciplinary way, it’s important to set rules and goals so that everyone moves in the same direction to achieve the goal. 

Goals should be set and then work on them by motivating each other.

Trust everyone: In any relationship, trust matters a lot, whether it’s a teammate relationship or any other. Thus, trust everyone in a team so work is done in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Be self-effacing: Basketball game is teamwork so prioritize the team’s benefits over yours. When you work in a team then the team’s success is actually your success, so be selfless towards your team and work in a positive space.


Don’t forget! Rome wasn’t built in a day, likewise, you can’t be an expert in a day, or only by reading guides and blog posts. Keep practicing the basketball tips and skills you learn consistently.

If you’re a slow or weak learner don’t get disheartened, just be consistent. you’ll surely reach your goals. As it’s a famous quotation slow and steady wins the race.

Additionally, your positive attitude and dedication can also make you a pro-level player. Steph Curry and other highly paid NBA players like champions are not by birth, in fact, there is a huge amount of practice and diligence in their field. 

Now, make your timetable, add learning and practicing in it with zeal without distractions, and do consider the basketball tips above guide and all guides & training blogs, it’ll surely help you to take your game to the next level.

If you take the guide seriously, believe me, you are on the way to NBA. For further research, you can click here to quench your thirst.

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