18 Best Basketball Books for Young Adults And for Coaches

best basketball books

Best Basketball books are quite popular not among adults but teens as well. These books don’t only offer facts and figures but they tell stories of the legends. In this way, they inspire the young ones to get knowledge about the techniques of the legends and how this game works.

Whether you want to know about specific basketball legends, coaching guides, or just get to know the sport, these best sport books will help you a lot. By reading the pages thoroughly of these books, you will get a broader perspective of basketball games. Also, you will come to know how it impacts society and the people who have shaped it. So, read on to know more about what these books have got for you.

The Importance Of Best Basketball Books

There are a number of books but some of them are regarded as the best basketball books. Those who love this sport should have a huge collection of these books to get vast knowledge. Moreover, the ones who want to learn this game or want to teach this game should choose the Best Basketball Books For All Time. In this way, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the game. If you are a player then these books will open new doors for you. Furthermore, they will provide you with imperative things to become successful in this sport.

There are different types of basketball books readily available in the offline and online markets. Some platforms are offering the best basketball books for free. However, others may offer audiobooks related to basketball. If you do not want to read then you may listen to these books to increase your knowledge.

Best basketball books are the ones that provide a valuable source of motivation and inspiration. Not just that, they tell stories and tales of perseverance from which readers will be able to draw lessons. Moreover, they offer insights into the dedication, worth ethic, and mindset needed to get success in this sport.

Furthermore, these books will shed light on the cultural impact of basketball. They will tell stories about how basketball intersects with society, political and social dynamics. Thus, it is imperative for every basketball fan to read any of these books once in their life.

Best Basketball Books For Young Adults

The best basketball books for young adults provide appealing narratives that contain the essence of the sport. Moreover, they address the universal themes of identity, perseverance, and friendship. These books are not just written to entertain readers but they also inspire them to the maximum. In this way, they are ideal to increase the passion of young adults about sport and literature. At the moment, we are going to discuss some books for young adults.

“The Crossover” by Kwame Alexander(Link)

The Crossover is one of the best basketball books for young adults. It is a novel written particularly for young adults. It actually blends poetry and basketball to tell the story of twin brothers. Both these brothers were passionate about this sport. Moreover, this book explains the basic themes which include friendship, brotherhood, and family. Also, it explains the challenges that they both faced in achieving their dreams. These challenges were not just faced in the court but outside as well. This remarkable novel is perfect for all those young adults who want to succeed in this sport.

“Heat” by Mike Lupica(Link)

It is also one of the best novels you will find regarding basketball. It tells the story of a young boy set in New York City whose name was Michael Arroyo. He was not just an amazing pitcher but a basketball player as well. The book tells about his journey like what obstacles he faced and how he overcame his fears. He was capable enough to prove himself an amazing player and person.

“Slam!” by Walter Dean Myers(Link)

One of the best basketball books for young adults is Slam. This book tells a story of a talented basketball player whose name was Greg Slam Harris. Slam was from Harlem. When you will read this book then you will come to know about his relationships, academics, and the problems he faced in his life. Moreover, you will get to know how he discovered himself.

“Hoop Dreams” by Ben Joravsky(Link)

This book is based on the true story of William Gates and Arthur Agee. Both of these players were quite young and they were from inner-city Chicago. The entire story is so motivating and inspiring that you will not be able to put it down without reading till the end. However, those who want to set their career as a basketball player should opt for this best basketball books.

“Travel Team” by Mike Lupica(Link)

This novel tells us the story of Danny Walker who was a 12 years old boy. He was cut from the local basketball team but this boy was passionate about the game. Not just that, he was determined to follow his dreams. This book contains all of his struggles, problems, and challenges.

Moreover, you will get to know how to form your own basketball team. Yes, he was capable enough to make his own team play against the team from which he was cut out. It may sound a bit impossible but that is a true story.

“Boy21” by Matthew Quick(Link)

This book is all about Finley who was a high school boy passionate about basketball. Finley was a good player and then he made a friend whose name was Russ. Russ was dealing with some personal traumas but Finley helped him a lot. Moreover, this novel explains their bond, and how they faced challenges and healed each other.

“Out of Bounds” by Valerie Sherrard(Link)

This novel tells a story of a young basketball player whose name was Jake Burnett. It is one of the best books for all those who want to become a basketball legend. In this book, Valerie tells the problems faced by Jake due to his Indigenous heritage. Furthermore, it tells the importance of embracing the culture of one while pursuing personal objectives. Thus, if you are a basketball enthusiast then you must check out this book.

“The Final Four” by Paul Volponi(Link)

As the name suggests, this book is based on the four basketball players. Each player was from a different place. Their backgrounds, status, and everything was entirely different from one another. The book highlights the struggle of each player and how he managed to overcome his fears. Moreover, it explains themes of ambition and teamwork. All these players made sacrifices to reach their goals.

“Rebound” by Kwame Alexander(Link)

This book is actually a prequel to “The Crossover” which was quite popular among young adults. However, this novel tells the story of Chuck Da Man Bell. He was the father of the main character present in the first book. In this novel, you are going to explore what sacrifices Chuck made in his early years. Moreover, you are going to know about his challenges and hurdles.

“The Basketball Diaries” by Jim Carroll(Link)

This book is actually the autobiography of the writer himself. He was a basketball player from New York City. He mentions his hurdles, challenges, and problems in this book. Moreover, he provides a raw but honest portrayal of youth and basketball culture. Those who want to know about basketball culture should read this book thoroughly.

Best Basketball Books For Coaches

The best basketball books for coaches provide a deep knowledge of strategies and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of coaching. Moreover, these books cover a huge variety of topics that may incorporate the 1s and 0s of leadership. A basketball coach should be perfect in communication. Also, he should be capable enough to help in player development. Those who want to know about the dos and don’ts of basketball coaching should check out these best basketball books.

“Basketball: Multiple Offense and Defense” by Dean Smith(Link)

It is a comprehensive guide in which the writer explains all the dos and don’ts for basketball coaches. Dean was a legendary coach. He covers all the defensive principles, offensive sets, and coaching tricks in this book. Moreover, he provides invaluable resources for coaching at each level.

“Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization” by John Wooden(Link)

This book revolves around the basic principles of basketball coaching. The ones who want to create a winning team should opt for this book. It explains how you can teach your players important things like teamwork and character development. Moreover, it provides practical advice on building a winning culture not just on the basketball court but outside.

“Developing Basketball Intelligence” by Brian McCormick(Link)

Coaches who want to increase their basketball IQ and improve their decision-making should read this book. It contains all the teaching techniques and tricks that the coaches need to know. Moreover, it provides practical exercises and drills that can increase the intelligence of coaches. Thus, if you want to improve the overall performance of your basketball team then you must read this book.

“Coaching Basketball Successfully” by Morgan Wootten(Link)

Basketball is an international game and so the pressure is always on the coach of the team. For the convenience and guidance of the coaches, Morgan has explained coaching techniques in detail. He also covers game preparation, team building, and player development in his book. It does not matter at which coaching level you are, you can make the most of this book.

“Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior” by Phil Jackson(Link)

Phil Jackson was a popular NBA coach so if you want guidance from the expert then you must read this book. In this book, he mentions the spiritual insights of a hardwood warrior. The hardwood warrior means the coach in this book. He explains the connection between teamwork and success. Moreover, he provides a unique perspective on personal growth and coaching which is quite amazing.

“The Coach’s Bible: Developing Successful Players, Teamwork, and a Winning Program” by Sidney Goldstein(Link)

Everyone knows that the bible contains all the information about the universe. In the same way, this book contains all the information on the basketball sport. Whether it comes to team management or player development, you will get each and everything in this guide. Furthermore, after reading this book, you will be able to know how to teach each player on your team in a proper manner. The writer explains all the practical tips and techniques for coaches to create a successful basketball program.

“Basketball Skills & Drills” by Jerry Krause and Don Meyer(Link)

This book is written by two experts who had complete knowledge of basketball skills and drills. For that reason, you must read it out to know more about these skills and drills. It covers all the team concepts, and how to plan the practice sessions. Moreover, it explains how to improve your individual skills and abilities.

“The Complete Guide to Coaching Basketball’s Zone Offenses” by Tom Nordland(Link)

Tom, the author of the book focuses on zone offenses. It also provides in-depth guidance on attacking. Moreover, it exploits diverse types of zone defenses. If you want to know about the deep coaching tips and strategies then you have to read it once. After reading this book, you will be able to implement zone offenses in the team’s game programs. This guide is beneficial for all basketball coaches which is why it is one of the best basketball books for coaches.


Basketball literature either in the form of best basketball books or movies provides a treasure trove of inspiration, motivation, and knowledge for both fans and coaches. Many legendary players and coaches have written the best basketball books. Each book will provide you with complete knowledge of the game and the techniques to success.

However, every player and coach has faced challenges and hurdles. So, you need to understand this thing that there is gain with pain. Basketball literature covers people of all ages. If you are a young adult or teen then there are different books for you to read. If you are a coach or want to become a basketball coach then you need to check out different books. For your convenience, we have gathered a huge collection of books for fans, players, and coaches. So, get your best basketball books according to your age right now.


The best sport books for sports enthusiasts include “Moneyball” by Michael Lewis, “Friday Night Lights” by H.G. Bissinger, and “Open” by Andre Agassi.

You can find basketball books free on platforms like Project Gutenberg, Open Library, and Librivox. They provide access to a wide range of basketball books in the public domain.

Yes, there are different basketball books for teens that focus on personal growth. These books include “Boy21” by Matthew Quick, and “Long Shot” by Chris Paul.

Yes, there are many basketball books that feature player biographies. They include “Michael Jordan: The Life” by Roland Lazenby and “Kobe Bryant: The Mamba Mentality” by Kobe Bryant himself.