6 Best Indoor Basketball 2024, Self Reviewed For the Game

best indoor basketball

Let’s unleash the best indoor basketball to dominate the court

Do you want to enjoy your indoor basketball game? So, why wait? Just hold a basketball, go ahead for the court and get ready to take your game to the next level by boosting your energy and finest basketball.

While buying basketball, the major problem you might face is balancing quality and price. Quality affects your ultimate performance, and obviously, you also have to keep in mind your pocket while buying a basketball but don’t worry I’ve found the solution for you.

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Here, I’m going to list down the 7 best indoor basketball, which will help you to get exactly what you want.

But before you dive into the list, you need to know the successive traits when buying a basketball.

Considerable properties while buying the best indoor basketball

Outer Material

Indoor basketballs are generally made up of synthetic materials like composite leather and genuine leather. However, outdoor basketballs are made up of rubber. 

Basketballs Cover Material

Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather basketballs constitute composite leather, which can mimic the action of pure leather basketball. Composite leather basketballs are quite affordable with no compromise in feel and performance and additionally, also quite resilient to wearing and tearing. Synthetic material basketballs are used in national tournaments(NCAA & NBA) training and practicing. 

Real Leather 

High-quality performance and grip are the major pros of real leather basketball. Genuine leather is a traditional material for basketballs for its durability and feel. National tournaments of the NBA & NCAA use leather basketballs. However, leather basketballs need necessary maintenance from time to time like keeping them inflated, clean, and dry.


Rubber material indoor basketballs are cheaper than the former ones. These basketballs are usually used in college leagues and competitions because of their average grip and feel. Players may perceive it as challenging to handle while sweating during the game. However, you can use these basketballs in youth leagues.


Microfiber basketballs are newly introduced and made from fine fibers, providing a better grip and durability like leather. Contrary to leather basketballs, microfiber basketballs are pretty affordable in terms of price and also provide the same performance as leather basketball. For those who don’t want to buy costly leather basketball microfiber is the best indoor basketball for them.

Steady Bounce

A classy best indoor basketball has a consistent bounce. An official game ball bounces are exceptional, and of course, everyone expects such standard bonuses from their balls. Bounces of a ball have a subtle effect on the performance of the player, therefore, while buying I keep my preferences in mind.


When choosing the best indoor basketball the grip may be the most important of all the factors which are considered. Good grip(not so strong, not so loose) is necessary for ball handling and player control. An ideal grip makes ball passes easy and performs various movements like dribbling and shooting. After testing it is proved that a composite and leather basketball has a better grip rather than a rubber ball.


The durability of the best indoor basketball depends upon the material of the basketball and the surface where it’s played. Choose basketball in response to your needs, as using rubber basketball on indoor courts may affect the player’s performance and also cause the tearing of the ball shortly. Pick out your basketball accordingly because you surely do not want your pricey basketball knockdown early.

Comparison Table for the 7 Best Indoor Basketball Choices To Buy Right Now

Let’s plunge into the overview list of the top picks for best indoor basketballs.

Image Product Details   Price
wilson evolution indoor game basketball Wilson Evolution game basketball Material: Composite Leather

1.5 pounds


Color: Game Ball
Check Price
baden elite indoor game basketball Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball Material: Microfiber

Weight: 1Pound

Size: 29.5inches/7

Color: Orange
Check Price
Wilson NCAA Evo NXT game basketball Wilson NCAA Evo NXT game basketball Material: Microfiber

Weight: 1.5 Pounds

Size: 29.5inches/7

Color: Orange
Check Price
the rock indoor basketball The Rock indoor basketball Material: Leather

Weight: 1 Pound

Size: 29.5inches/7

Color: Brown Black
Check Price
splading lagacy tf 1000 Spalding Legacy TF-1000 Material: Composite

Weight: 1.5 Pounds

Size: 29.5inches/7

Color: Orange
Check Price
molten bg series composite basketball Molten BG series composite basketball Material: Composite

Weight: 1 Pound

Size: 29.5inches/7

Color: 2Tone
Check Price

1. Wilson Evolution game basketball

If asked about top-of-the-line best indoor basketball, Wilson evolution will be that one, in my opinion. The composite leather of Wilson Evolution indoor game basketball microfiber covering provides a gentle feel and moisture-wicking quality to the ball that even with wet hands you can get control over the ball. 

Additionally, cushion core technology and wide pebbled channels provide the ball with good dribbling and grip. Reducing the effect of moisture by offering more friction through pebbled channels lessens the slipperiness, and ultimately the control of the ball.

For regular players, obviously, the durability of the ball is a key factor to consider while purchasing a ball. The composite casing of Wilson Evolution comes up with good durability like the real leather basketball offers. However, by keeping your basketball clean and properly inflated, it can last long.

 Overall, Wilson Evolution basketball is an admirable choice for any age. It is the most selling and most famous ball of the very known brand Wilson. In the basketball history and also in proliferation the major thing affecting the game always remained a basketball. So, choose it wisely.


  • Creamy feel
  • Great grip
  • Approved by NFHS
  • Available in sizes and colors


  • Pricey 
  • Not suitable for outdoor

2. Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball

Another important college basketball, NHFS approved, Baden Elite indoor game basketball often comes up within competition with Wilson evolution. Baden Elite’s main features which distinguish it from other balls are a stealth valve system and symmetrical panel construction.

A hidden(stealth) valve system provides a parallel surface of the ball that doesn’t protrude with the performance of the ball and keeps the ball inflation properly. This hidden system of inflation and deflation is also quickly accessible to make adjustments. So, those who want appearance and performance both within a ball should use Baden Elite.

Baden engineered their basketball with shock-absorbing core technology to make them more grippy and tacky. That’s why Baden Elite balls are not moisture absorbent so, the players with sweaty hands can also get control of it (wicking property).  

Someone looking for affordable and best indoor basketball and also something different can consider Baden Elite. Baden designed their basketballs by taking into consideration the ease and comfort of the players.  


  • Stealth-soft valve system
  • Cushion core technology
  • Approved by NFHS
  • Available in sizes


  • Pricey 
  • Not for outdoor

3. Wilson NCAA Evo NXT game basketball

Among all the Wilson balls Wilson NCAA Evo NXT is very interesting (research shows). Wilson Evo NXT is designed with advanced technology and more features are introduced keeping its super soft rim of the micro-touch cover making an awesome spin. Moreover, the micro-touch cover makes the control and grip of the ball outstanding.

The pebbled channel of the composite gives a buttery feel over the ball’s surface and also comes up with unparalleled control. Super-soft cushioning of the ball also makes a good grip on the ball and moisture wicking property of the ball is also good.

Optics of the basketball referring to color, texture, and design are advanced features introduced in Wilson NCAA Evo NXT to provide the player with a more visual focus on the ball important in shooting, dribbling, and catching. Wilson Evo NXT color is designed in a way that focus will remain maintained even in dark backgrounds.

Thus, the ball is mapped out completely keeping in view all the requirements of the players and also introducing modern advancements to meet the demands of everyone. Although the ball is a bit pricey, once you’ll use it, it’ll be worth the price.

NCAA Evo NXT, the best indoor basketball, is also the official ball of the NCAA march madness, and always go perfect for each basketball position a player take.

Another variant of this ball is Wilson Evo NXT, a potential contender, which is also worth considerable.


  • Updated optics
  • Super-soft rim
  • Equipped with advanced technology


  • A bit Pricey 
  • Available in only one color

4. The Rock indoor basketball

Another NHFS-approved indoor basketball is the rock indoor basketball. Like Wilson, it’s a high-quality basketball and has composite leather covering providing excellent grip and durability, which most players demand of.

Its unique design both in styling and functioning makes it stand out among other basketballs. In performance, the rock has its own standard. Deep pebbling of the channels plays an important role in the better grip of the basketball. 

After testaments on the rock basketball, it is seen that it lasts for a long time than other balls because of its outstanding covering material. And it is also highly recommended for regular players wanting both quality and performance in a box. In my research and tests rock basketball is proven as affordable in price and also quality indoor basketball.


  • Composite leather covering
  • Deep pebbling
  • Affordable 
  • Long-lasting


  • Availability issue

5. Spalding Legacy TF-1000

Here is another one of the giant indoor basketball named the Spalding Legacy TF-1000. It’s engineered as school, college basketball especially. So, it’s NHFS approved and is known as a good answer to Wilson evolution.

The attributes making it unique among all are inflation, moisture-wicking property, and symmetric butyl bladder and nylon windings to make its structural integrity remain for a long and air retention ideally balanced. The inflation suggested is 8 PSI.

Want to dominate the court with an unbeatable grip? 

Here is the solution, Legacy TF-1000’s microfiber composite covering enables it to give a responsive feel and exceptional bounces. Microfiber composite covering is chiefly known for its durability and grip. So, for players of any skill set, it can be a good choice to consider. 

To experience the difference in your play, come up with another jumbo basketball Spalding legacy that is designed especially for precise accuracy, unusual control, and quick ball recognition

Here is another Spalding masterpiece Spalding Precision TF-1000, if you want to get an affordable professional ball you can consider it. 


  • Official weight &size 
  • Responsive & consistent bouncing
  • Improved grip
  • Durable 


  • Only for hardwood hooping/ indoor use only

6. Molten BG series composite basketball

FIBA-approved Molten BG series basketball is made up of composite leather and is designed surely to impress. Its unique design and color make it stand out among other indoor basketballs. Being available in various(mini & adult) sizes and 2-tone colors it’s unusually popular in recreational to professional players. 

Composite leather covering offering better grip and durability makes the player feel the game professionally and meets the specific needs they want. For those who want a high-quality ball that is easy to take care of Molten BG series composite basketball is a clear choice. 

Air retention and structural stability are the major features that Molten BG series have. Materials used to engineer the ball are selected consciously by keeping in view the player’s requirements and demands. Which makes the ball’s bounces consistent and reliable making the quality of performance graceful.

Pebbling channels in molten series are a bit more micro than traditional pebbling of the ball. Both the traditional pebbling (like in Wilson evolution) and micro-texture pebbling (like in Molten BG series) provide better grip, depending on your preferences, the choice is yours.

Overall, turning to your inclination you can pick out the basketball suiting your flair. 


  • FIBA approved
  • Micro-texture pebbling
  • Available in colors and sizes
  • Optimum performance


  • Small break-in period

Buying Guide


Is it necessary to look for the brand also while buying basketball?

Every brand has its own specifications differing from others. It totally depends upon your preferences, and what features you want from your basketball. Some popular basketball brands are Wilson, Spalding, Baden, the Rock, Nike, molten, etc. Wilson and Spalding are regarded as topmost brands as their basketballs are used in official NBA and NCAA games. However, others brands also have unique key features that Spalding and Wilson may not have. 

Usually, it’s not recommended to search for a good brand only, just keep your needs in mind and look for a basketball. Some products of unpopular brands are also popular only because of good player experience.


Looking for better results, but not focusing on performance is like deluding yourself. 

Performances directly depend on the equipment you are using in a game. Like using the wrong size basketball or using one not matching your flair and expecting to perform like a champion isn’t possible. Different product sizes and variations are available only to help you to get things according to your aptitudes and do better use of them. Basketball sizes are also different for younger, adults, men, and women. 

For adults, 15 years old and older, use Size 7 (posed by official governing bodies). Size 7 basketball has a rim of 29.5 inches and is used in professional and high school leagues and some international competitions.

Women use slightly smaller basketballs of size 6. Size 6 has a rim of 28.5 inches. It is used in middle school leagues and competitions.

The younger basketball’s recommended size is size 5 having a rim of 27.5 inches and is used for elementary school kids.


The weight of the basketball has a clear impact on a player’s performance. 

Low-weight and heavy basketballs both aren’t suitable for the player. So, look for the official weight basketballs. All the products mentioned in our list are official-weight basketballs. 

Probably, you can assume that the weight of the basketball can affect the ball’s control, shooting, dribbling, and rebounding. So, the recommended size of the basketball is its official size,  as per professionals’ guidance.


The price of the basketball varies with the material used to manufacture it. Leather, composite, and rubber basketballs are priced differently. 

Leather basketballs range from $100 and above. As these are long-lasting and of better quality, so, that pricey.

Composite basketballs commonly range from $50 to $70

Rubber basketballs are quite low-cost and range from $15 to $30

Now composite basketballs are mostly used and considered top-notch basketballs and also used in official and international games. While genuine leather basketballs were once used in official games but some players reported that genuine leather manifests exceptional grip that can’t be handled easily.

However, both composite and genuine leather basketballs are used in official games according to demand.

Inflation/air retention

Proper inflation of a basketball is important for the ball’s performance and durability. If air pressure is kept less than standard then the ball will not re-bounce correctly and also become hard to control. Similarly, if more than ideal/standard pressure is inserted in the ball, it may burst or become too hard to play.

The standard pressure is 7.5 to 8.5 PSI(pounds per square inch). International basketball rules state that the ball should re-bounce up to ±6% of the total height from where it is dropped. (Reported from Proper Inflation of a Basketball by Josephine Corcoran and Ralph Rackstraw Revised by Alan Stockton for Astronomy 110 Abstract T

Frequently Asked Questions

Indoor basketballs shouldn’t be used outside because outdoor basketball court(floor) material is quite harsh than indoor which can wear and tear down your indoor basketball. However, you can use your outdoor basketballs indoors.

If the basketball’s barcode, manufacturer name, and other information are printed not embossed then you can consider your basketball original.

Moreover, pebbling channels will also tell you whether the basketball is original or not.

The brand name will also be printed on the original basketball.

Indoor and outdoor basketballs are considerably different in material. The outdoor basketball material is a bit harder than the indoor as an outdoor court (material: asphalt tarmacadam) is quite rough and less slippery while the indoor court is slippery. So, indoor and outdoor basketballs are designed accordingly. To make your game exceptional and avoiding fouls it’s recommended to keep in mind your preferences.

Therefore, indoor basketball material is a bit softer than outdoor. 

Cleaning a basketball is necessary to maintain its condition and to make it use for a long time.

Down are some steps involved in cleaning a basketball

  • Take warm water in a bucket
  • Put a spoonful of any detergent or soap and mingle them.
  • Use a rag to apply soapy water on the ball to scrub all the stains and grease.
  • Once the ball is completely cleaned, dry it off with a clean towel
  • After the ball is dried, it’s ready to use again.

Note: don’t dunk the ball directly into warm water, or place it for a long time. It may wear down your basketball and may also alleviate the basketball’s grip.

A sharp object can destroy your basketball. 

Make sure to place the ball in a cool and dry place.

Don’t put any pressure on the ball from any side, it can destroy the ball’s shape.

Rubber basketballs exhibit less grip than composite and leather basketballs, so, the latter is usually more recommended. However, you can choose your best indoor basketball according to your playing environment.


At last, to sum up all the discussion about best indoor basketball, we did above, I’ll say that choosing the right basketball is necessary for a player to give his best in the game. In the above guide I’ve mentioned several mentions which all are worth usable, but as per your preferences you can choose what’s best for you.

While choosing an indoor basketball, do consider your budget and material of the basketball, and the ball size that suits you the most. If you’re not aware of you size, there is a complete guide of basketball sizes that’ll help you to choose the right one.

So, go ahead and take your your game to the level you dreamt of it!