4 Techniques To Guard In Basketball Without Fouling

guard in basketball

In the basketball world, every team has to prove itself the best. It is not so easy to become a successful basketball team if you do not have professional guard in basketball. Guarding plays an imperative role in this basketball sport. For that reason, you must have such players in your team who have complete knowledge of how to guard in basketball.

If you have professional guards who have complete knowledge of guarding then your team can surely become successful. However, if your guards do not have sufficient knowledge then there is nothing to worry about. We are here with a comprehensive guide on how to guard in basketball. In this post, we are going to discuss each and every imperative point relevant to guarding in basketball. So, you have to read it on till the end to become successful in guarding.

Except only guards in basketball you must learn about all the basketball positions to make up your game.

How To Guard In Basketball Without Fouling?

There are many people who are wondering how to guard in the sport without making a foul. Well, guarding in basketball is a skill that demands proper technique and discipline. Moreover, you need to have a good understanding of the defensive principles. In this way, you will be able to improve your skill.

First of all, you need to know that avoiding fouls will allow you to stay on the court for long. Not just that, you will be able to help your team to succeed and maintain good pressure on your opponents. However, there are particular tips and tricks which you need to follow to guard properly without fouling.

  1. Maintain A Good Stance

The first tip is to maintain your defensive stance. In the beginning, you must have a good balance stance by bending your knees and distribute your weight evenly on both sides. Make sure that your feet-shoulder width is apart in the right way. This particular stance or position will enable you to react rapidly to the offensive moves of your opponents.

  1. Focus On Your Footwork

Footwork plays an important role in guarding especially when you want to avoid fouls. You have to maintain constant pressure and keep shuffling your feet without any lunging. Also, you have to stay active on your feet and maintain your center of gravity. In this way, you will be safe from making any fouls.

  1. Focus On Arms And Hands

The next thing on which you should focus are arms and hands. You have to keep your hands active and ready all the time. Moreover, you need to be ready to disrupt the passes of your opponents. For that reason, you have to use your arms and hands wisely if you do not want to make a foul.

However, you must not do continuous motion or unnecessary reaching as unnecessary movements can lead you to fouls. Also, you have to maintain a position of HANDS UP and try to mirror the movements of your opponents to trick them. It is also important to disrupt your opponent’s vision and pass the lanes without making any contact.

  1. Study Your Opponent’s Move

Studying your opponent’s move is one of the basic things when it comes to guarding in basketball. You must have a keen sense of anticipation in this sport. Recognize the preferable moves and shot attempts your opponents are trying to make. These things will help you in identifying what they are going to do and you will surely be one step ahead of them. So, be proactive instead of reactive to avoid fouls.

How To Be A Point Guard In basketball?

There are many basketball players who want to become a professional point guard. However, it takes a lot of practice and strategies to become a proficient point guard in basketball. You need to do practice as well as get to know the right strategies. At the moment, we are going to mention some strategies which you need to follow to become efficient in point guarding.

·         Develop Strong Ball Handling Skills – The ones who want to become professional point guards should develop strong ball-handling skills. It is imperative to maintain control of your body. Moreover, you have to facilitate offensive plays but in a smooth manner. When you will be able to handle the ball in a strong way then you can maintain offensive flow confidently under pressure.

·         Court Passing And Vision – To become a point guard, you must have excellent court passing and vision. If you are able to read the game then you can easily become successful. You must focus on improving your court passing and vision abilities. Moreover, you have to develop the capacity to deliver precise passing to your teammates. In this way, you will be providing scoring opportunities to your team.

·         Basketball IQ – Basketball IQ is quite an imperative ability that every point should have. You have to watch the professional games and analyze the strategy of each point guard. In this way, your basketball IQ will increase which will help you in the long run. Furthermore, it will enable you to make quick decisions during your gameplay.

How To Play Guard In basketball?

There are diverse strategies and techniques which you need to play guard in basketball. It is not an easy job so you have to understand the game first. Moreover, we are going to provide some key aspects on which you should focus to play the guard position.

·         Communication And Leadership – Communication and leadership go side by side so if you want to play guard then you have to be good in these two things. Your communication skills should be excellent so that every teammate can understand what you want. Moreover, you need to have excellent leadership skills so that you can provide proper guidance to your teammates. Not just that, lead your team through your work ethic and good attitude. Always remember that as a guard, you have to be an encouraging teammate.

·         Agility And Quickness – Well, agility and quickness are the basic techniques to succeed in guarding. You have to be defensive and offensive so it is important to be quick in both these things. Develop strong footwork if you want to navigate through the screens. Furthermore, you have to stay in front of your opponents all the time to give them a tough time.

·         Mental Toughness – Basketball is an international sport that demands mental toughness. If you have a tough body but not mental toughness then you cannot become a good player. Furthermore, playing as a guard is quite challenging. You have to stay focused and active all the time. Also, you have to be resilient in high-pressure situations to lead your team to success. It is important for you to learn from your mistakes and maintain a good mindset. In this way, your mind will become strong and you will be able to embrace challenges.


In conclusion, playing as a guard demands techniques, strategies, a strong body and mind. If you will lack in any of these things then you may not be able to become a good guard or to stand at any basketball position.

Always keep in mind that you have to work on your ball-handling as the guard is the one who provides scoring opportunities. If you will not be able to handle the ball well then you may not be able to provide any scoring chance to your team.

Moreover, you have to work on your mind and body all at the same time. Keep your mind and body active to read your opponent’s moves and make quick decisions. Also, work on developing good communication skills and provide proper guidance to your mates. A guard is the one who embraces challenges so you have to improve your skills and maintain a positive mindset.

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There are different things that are included in beating a face guard in basketball. These things may include using screens and cuts to create separation. Moreover, you have to be patient and try to exploit openings in the best way possible.

Playing as a shooting guard demands particular techniques. You have to improve your jumping skills and move without the ball. Also, you have to make use of the screens. Try to offense the team and maintain defensive versatility to maximize your chances to win.

To defend as a point guard in this sport, you have to work on your footwork and distribute your weight evenly on both of your legs. Moreover, you have to stay low in the defensive stance. Not just that, you have to read the game and anticipate the movements of your opponents.

Yes, for every guard it is important to have a good basketball IQ. Reading the game will help them make the right decisions. Whether the situation is intense or not, the guard will be able to handle the pressure wisely just because of their basketball IQ.