NBA Ticket Price- NBA Finals and Season Tickets for 2023 

NBA ticket price 2023

NBA ticket price varies among different NBA teams. Getting an NBA ticket is a hefty investment that requires exploring all options to maximize its value. NBA is a famous basketball league in the USA. There are 30 NBA teams in the league and each has its unique pricing for NBA tickets

Some teams are very expensive having a higher ticket price, while others are considered more affordable. Every basketball enthusiast has a dream to attend NBA games. They try to seek out an affordable option to fulfill their lifelong aspiration.

From cheap off-game tickets to expensive NBA playoffs tickets, in this article, we’ll find the NBA ticket price of different teams for 2023. Additionally, we’ll also discuss the reasons for the difference in NBA ticket price for every NBA team.  

An Overview of NBA Ticket Price

Due to the popularity of the NBA league, game tickets are a hot commodity. Over time, NBA ticket prices have undergone significant changes. In the late 80s and early 90s due to the growing popularity of basketball, the teams raised their prices at unprecedented rates.

The major reason for the high ticket prices is the salaries of professional players, The other reasons include modern stadiums, advertising costs, and the maintenance of arenas that contributes to the ticket price.

NBA finals ticket prices tend to skyrocket. This is because it is the most anticipated time of the year when the top teams from each conference compete to reach the finals. Courtside tickets are the most expensive as they offer the best view of the game.

Factors Affecting NBA Tickets Price

The two main factors that impact the NBA ticket price are from a  team perspective and the seating location. First, we discuss the factors from the team’s perspective.

  • Visiting Team

The NBA ticket price varies depending on the visiting teams. Teams at the top of the NBA standings that are popular among  fans have higher ticket prices. For example, when the Golden State Warriors played against the Los Angeles Lakers, ticket prices increased significantly as fans were excited to see the players like Lebron James and Stephen Curry.

  • Team Performance

If a team performs poorly then there is less interest from fans. This is because people don’t want to watch a game where the outcome is already predictable due to the bad performance of the competing teams. Ultimately, this results in lower ticket prices.

  • Market and Fan Interest

Certain teams are located in popular cities with a large fan base and continued interest. Despite their poor performance, these teams have higher ticket prices. For example, the price of Knicks tickets is consistently higher although their performance isn’t impressive.  

Other factors that contribute to basketball ticket prices include the seating section, row, the number of remaining matches in a season, and whether it’s a pre-season, regular season, or playoff game.

Seating Location and NBA Ticket Price

While discussing the factors affecting the NBA ticket price, the seating location in the arena is the other important factor to consider. Different areas offer different views and prices based on their proximity to the court.

Courtside Seats

You get the best view of the game from the courtside seat. These are the closest to the players and are the most expensive. Courtside tickets depend on the team you’re watching, your location, and the team’s performance. 

However, for big market teams, team performance doesn’t affect the ticket price. For example, regardless of the Lakers and Knicks’ performance, courtside NBA tickets price at Madison Square Garden and Arena are consistently the most expensive year after year. The Knicks’ tickets price range from a few hundred dollars to six figures for a premium match.

Center Court

If you can’t afford courtside seats, center-court seats are a great alternative. They’re less expensive than courtside seats but you can enjoy a good view of the NBA game.

Lower Level Corner

The seats in this area offer a fantastic experience for fans who don’t have to pay high prices for courtside seats but are willing to spend a bit more close to the action.

Behind Basket

Besides courtside seats, sitting behind the basket is another seating option where you can get close to your basketball idols. Although the basketball tickets for this section are not so cheap, they’re still much less expensive than courtside tickets.

How Much Are NBA Season Tickets in 2023

Each NBA team sets different prices for their tickets, considering the above- mentioned factors. Season tickets vary widely, starting from around $30 per game for upper-level seats to an expensive $2,000 per game for courtside seats.

To get the season ticket price, we multiply the single-game price by 41 (the total number of home matches). Therefore, full-season packages can range from $1,200 to a staggering $90,000. Additionally, some packages may require a deposit of about $100 to secure the tickets.

Teams who are performing well and at the top of the NBA standings, such as the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and New York Knicks have the highest playoffs tickets in the NBA league because of their popularity and success.

On the other hand, small market teams like New Orleans, Sacramento Kings. and the Detroit Pistons have cheap NBA tickets. 

Most Expensive NBA Teams 2022-23

The LA Lakers have the most expensive season ticket in the league, especially now that they’re doing well. It’s not easy to get a ticket to watch a Lakers game at arena. Two of the most expensive season tickets for the 2022-23 are as follows.

Lakers VS Golden State Warriors

The Lakers had the most expensive single-game ticket of the season. It was for their game against the Golden State Warriors in California. The ticket price for the game was incredibly high at $34,000.

Knicks VS Philadelphia

Even though the New York Knicks have not been very successful, they play their games at Madison Square Garden, where tickets can be quite expensive. For instance, a ticket for the Knicks’ Christmas Day game against the Philadelphia 76ers this season was available for up to $9,645.

Cheapest NBA Teams 2022-23 

The cheapest NBA tickets for the whole season usually start around $1200, with seats in the upper level of the arena. The five cheapest NBA teams having cheap NBA tickets for single-game are the Houston Rockets at $159, the Oklahoma City Thunder at $148, the Detroit Pistons at $153, the San Antonio Spurs at $157, and the Indiana Pacers at $138.

If you multiply these average prices by the number of home games in a season( typically 41), the total cost would amount to well over $1200. 


The courtside NBA tickets price typically ranges from $30- $50,000. However, NBA finals ticket prices can become extremely high.

Whether or not NBA playoff tickets are included in the season ticket depends on the policy of each team. Most teams require to purchase additional tickets for playoffs but some include free playoffs tickets for certain privileged season ticket holders. It’s important to keep in mind if you’re purchasing a season ticket that includes playoff games, there is a possibility that the team may not qualify for the playoffs. 

You can get NBA tickets from Ticketmaster, which is the official ticketing partner for most NBA teams. Additionally, you can also get from TicketsIQ and Vivid Seats.

The most expensive NBA ticket for 2022-23 recorded was $26,330 in the match held between the Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers on October 20 , 2022.


Attending NBA games is definitely costly, but watching the world-class basketball players within arms reach is an unparalleled experience. NBA ticket price varies depending on where the game is held, the teams playing, and where you want to sit.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can target off -games or matches against lesser-known teams. Alternatively, if money is not a concern, seats in the center or courtside offer the best view. Ultimately the value of an NBA ticket is beyond the cost. It gives fans a chance to experience the excitement, witness incredible skills, and fulfills a lifelong desire for basketball enthusiasts. 

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