Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet- For Indoor and Outdoor Basketball

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Winning a basketball game largely depends on how fine the moves are made including the accuracy of the kicks. That is why, while buying basketball shoes, many factors are considered. It’s a game where you can find many players with wide feet and choosing the perfect basketball shoe becomes more challenging for such players as regular-sized shoes can cause soreness and discomfort due to lack of extra width. 

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Wearing a bit loose shoes also affects performance negatively by disturbing their balance. Some basketball shoes come with their upper made with such material that can stretch enough to fit in with wider feet, but in many cases, players need to look for shoes, specifically designed for this purpose.  

We have compiled a list of the six best basketball shoes for wide feet, based on the feedback of our colleagues who have wide feet. These shoes have been ranked according to their traction, material, cushioning, and support. Additionally, other important features such as an extra wide toe-box, responsive midsole, innovative design, and reasonable price have also been taken into consideration while making this list.

Six Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2023

Image Product Details   Price
nike mens lebron xix-fotor-bg-remover-20230509112714 (1) Nike Lebron 19 Best for overall.
Highly recommended for center forward and heavier players.
Outstanding shock absorption at the heel and responsive bounce at the forefoot.
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adidas unisex adult hardern vol-fotor-bg-remover-20230509112611 (1) Adidas Harden Vol 6 Best for point guards.
Versatile grip.
Super comfortable.
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under armour men's embiid-fotor-bg-remover-20230509112434 (1) Embiid1 Suitable for playing at the low post.
Spacious Enough that it perfectly fits wider feet.
Low-to-the-ground shoes with improved stability and grip.
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adidas dame 8 shoes-fotor-bg-remover-20230509112449 (1) Adidas Dame 8 Supports quick acceleration.
Bounce Pro cushion technology.
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nike air jordan-fotor-bg-remover-20230509112516 (1) Jordan Why Not Zero.4 Perfect for linear moves.
Very lightweight.
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puma mens trc-fotor-bg-remover-20230509112535 (1) Puma TRC Blaze Court Phenomenal traction.
Perfect for dynamic athletic movements.
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Not want to confuse yourself in more choices?

Don’t worry at all . We would recommend Nike Lebron 19 for you as the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Now let’s start reviewing the each basketball shoe to take the one that goes right with you!


Key Features:

TPU wings, Upper is woven with rubber coating,360° Max Air unit cushion heel, Zoom Air in the forefoot, cushion midsole with midfoot shank plates. True to size.

Nike Lebron 19

Weight: 2.89 Pounds

Whether you do indoor basketball or casual gym, Lebron 19 is the best value basketball shoe due to its improved quality, durability, and reliability. In our experience, Lebron 19 is a decent option and worth considering while looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet. 

Material: The tongue is made with a padded mesh, and the upper is soft and flexible mesh and textile material and feels very lightweight. There is a synthetic coating on the upper, that prevents ventilation. This can cause discomfort during play, particularly under the sun.

Cushioning: Undoubtedly, Nike has created Lebron 19 cushioning very impressive by embedding translucent pouches of  Max Air unit in the heel and a larger Zoom Air unit in the forefront. Because of this, players not only experienced a reduction in the pressure on the muscles, joints, and tendons but it also helped them in greater propulsion which is a bonus for aggressive players. 

Traction: The traction is slightly inconsistent but you feel it’s quite helpful in handling the dust so you don’t need to wipe the shoes for cleaning.h

Support: In addition to the above features, the mid-foot shank plates and the ankle collar also provide extra support. Moreover, the heel counter is for added support. The shoe can feel bulky because of these features but it provides support for those who need it.

Conversely, the upper is lightweight and thin and moves well with the feet. 


  • Extremely wide with unique cushioning.
  • Comfortable and versatile.
  • Top-notch foot containment.


  • Sharp ankle collar.
  • Heavier than the other models of this brand.

2-Adidas Harden Vol 6

Key Features:

Mesh upper made with recycled scrap, herringbone traction plates, Adidas BOOST advanced cushioning technology.

Adidas Harden Basketball shoes

Weight: 2.03 Pounds.

With 4.4 stars and 205 ratings on Amazon, Adidas Harden Vol 6 is one of the most popular basketball shoes. It’s second on our list because of its better grip and comfortable cushioning. Let’s talk about the others features.

Material: Mesh upper and is mostly made with recycled material with rubber outsole. Although the material initially felt stiff, it gradually molded to the shape of the foot and provided a comfortable fit.

Cushioning: As for me, I think, It’s the best harden ball due to its full-length boost midsole, which has made them super comfortable.

Traction: Undoubtedly, these provided excellent grip on the court with a sturdy base without feeling excessively heavy.

Support: The shoe fits perfectly when worn with regular socks, however, you may feel slightly snug when worn with thicker basketball socks. Apart from that, it perfectly supports the ankle and keeps the feet in place.


  • Best for both indoors and outdoors
  • Excellent grip
  • Comfortable fit


  • Cheap material


Key Features:

Rubber outsole helps in unique traction, lightweight upper, TPU wings for excellent lockdown, and die-cut EVA sock liner for underfoot cushioning.

Embiid Basketball shoes

Weight:2.69 Pounds.

If you’re a lover of the Under Armour brand and have wide feet, then you can go with this shoe. Besides, these are comparatively wider and bigger shoes than the other series of this brand. Why do we place it on the third number, let’s explore those features.

Material: The upper of the shoes is lightweight and is made with mesh that helps in the breathing of the feet and prevents you from blister-causing friction. 


Further, the inner of the shoe is very spacious and well-padded so that you feel comfortable after hours of practice. The bottom grip is deep and with a comfortable EVA sock liner, that helps to run and jump without any problem.

Traction: Although these have a unique outsole rubber that provides excellent traction. However, in some cases, if you feel slippery then you can manually adjust the fit to improve the traction.

Support: Moreover, If you play at a low post and have wide feet and looking for the best basketball shoes for wide feet, then Embiid 1 additionally serves as a supportive basketball shoe because they provide great ankle support that keeps you from rolling. 


  • Great ankle support
  • Sturdy and slick design
  • Comfortable and have exceptional traction


  • A little bit heavier

4-Adidas Dame 8

Key features:

Rubber sole, bounce pro midsole, Lace closure with textile upper and textile lining.

Adidas Dame 8 Basketball Shoes

Weight:2.49 pounds.

If you’re a lover of the Adidas Dame line, moreover, you need an extra cushion for your feet while playing aggressively, then we recommend Dame 8 as the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Material: The upper is made with a combination of soft and hard mesh. Although it is made with light material but is not adequately breathable. As the forefoot is made with soft mesh so you can move the feet with flexibility.

Cushioning: The Dame line of Adidas is equipped with the best cushion technology like Bounce, Boost, and light strike. The Dame 8 is incorporated with extra Bounce Pro cushion technology. Moreover, the Bounce Pro is designed with high-density and low-density foam so that you can easily change your gear while moving and can do hard landings without compromising performance and comfort. 

Traction: This shoe has two-pattern traction which allows you to turn and stop easily. Further, it helps to reduce stress on the feet and legs.

Apart from this, the outer sole has a wavy shape that gives the feet extra compression and you can move faster.

Support: With a well-padded tongue, an ankle pillow on the heels as well as an Achilles pad, you’ll experience superb protection in these sneakers. Because of the ankle pillow, the shoe’s stability has been boosted and you’ll not feel any slippage on the court.


  • Phenomenal shock absorbent


  • Accumulate dust

5-Jorden Why Not Zero.4

Key Features:

Tough outsole, true to size, translucent herringbone traction pattern.

Nike Air Jordan Basketball Shoes

Weight:1.1 Pound.

Jordens are classic basketball shoes and with amazing 4.7 stars on Amazon, Jordan Zero.4 is a versatile solid performance shoe. Let’s talk about their amazing features.

Material: The upper is made with mixed textiles and synthetics that are breathable but give it an inferior feel. Whereas, the interior collar and tongue are well-padded.

Cushioning: It has excellent cushioning and responsiveness owing to two stacked Air Zoom units in the front of the shoe so you have to consume less energy at each step. This is the feature that enlists Jorden Zero.4 in the best basketball shoes for wide feet.  

Traction: It has a durable outsole that helps you stay closer to the ground and you’re able to respond quickly in case the game changes speed.

Support: As we know that support comes from the fitting of the shoe and this shoe is a perfectly true fit to size. However, the upper collar may feel stiff and can restrict your movements but it gets better as you wear it more.


  • Best for outdoors
  • Bouncy and responsive


  • Inconsistent grip
  • Accumulate dust sometimes

6-Puma TRC Blaze Court

Key Features:

TPU side wall and heel, High rebound EVA midsole. True to size.

Puma Men's Basketball Shoes

Weight: 1.93 pounds.

If you want the best basketball shoes for wide feet at a reasonable price, then you may go with Puma TRC. It is one of the best budget basketball shoes. Due to the outstanding traction and affordable price, we place it on the sixth number of our list.

Material: it’s a mix of synthetic leather and textile. The tongue, toe box, and upper are made with mesh to let the air out. However, the material is of cheap quality. Additionally, the toe box stitching is not durable. So if you’re an explosive player then it makes this shoe unsuitable for you.

Cushioning: As the midsole is made with  EVA material, therefore,  cushioning is responsive and bouncy making it a comfortable basketball shoe. 

Traction: This shoe has multidirectional traction due to the herringbone pattern in the forefoot which makes it a good performer. It also ensures a solid grip on the floor and reduces the chances of slipping on the floor. However, it picks up too much dust from the floor. 

Support. Although you sit a bit high on the midsole, it doesn’t affect your performance. Your ankle feels well supported with proper foot containment. 


  • Comfortable
  • Light Weight
  • Affordable Price


  • Not for outdoors
  • Cheap material

Points to Consider Before Buying the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

The best practice to buy any shoe is to try them before buying, but online it’s not possible, so you should check the reviews and ratings. 

The other features that are worth considering particularly for wide feet are; the shoe upper, the soft midsole, the wide outsole, and the shoe’s comfort and fit.

The Shoe Upper.

When searching for the best basketball shoes for wide feet particularly, always choose one, with a stretchy upper and is made with a breathable material like mesh or textile. On the other hand, shoes with a leather upper are less pliable and it’ll be difficult for your feet to mold to the shoe. Additionally, leather shoes hinder proper airflow, causing your feet to become excessively hot during gameplay.

The Mid Sole.

The cushioning capability is closely tied to the performance of the midsole. When going to buy shoes for wide feet,  it is important to select one, which has a midsole made from a durable material such as EVA that can withstand the impact of walking or running. Additionally, it should have enough room for unrestricted movement.

The Outsole. 

The performance of the shoe is termed traction. When you’re going to buy the best basketball shoes for wide feet, always look that it should have a wider outsole. In our observation, particularly the forefoot area should be wide to provide good traction and excellent stability for the players.

Further, the shoe must have a spacious toe box. This prevents the toes from feeling cramped, during your long hours of play.

Comfort and Fit.

It is important to consider the comfort and fit of the shoe because wider feet lack the arch and flat feet experience fatigue quickly. Moreover, many of the best basketball shoes for wide feet offer a true-to-fit size, that gives a perfect fit for the wearer. However, for those with wide but thin feet, if they feel that shoes are slightly loose, wearing double socks can provide a better fit. In addition to proper fit, the shoe should be not too low nor too high from the ground to maximize comfort during play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Open-sided shoes should be chosen as they provide a more comfortable look as compared to fully closed shoes.

Basketball shoes such as Under Armour HOVR Rise 4, Puma TRC Blaze Court, Lebron 19, and Nike Air Zoom GT Jump offer great bounce for players with wide feet.

Final Words

Finding the best basketball shoes for wide feet is fetched from the best basketball shoe research.

A few years back, only limited choices were available to such players, but now, several brands are producing best indoor & outdoor basketballs and their other equipment also, and trying to make them both comfortable and supportive for the basketball game.

In summary, the players who’re searching for the best basketball shoes for wide feet should particularly look for certain features. Firstly, the upper of the shoes should be made with textile or mesh because these are stretchy materials and facilitate proper foot breathing. Secondly, the shoe should have a wider toe box to provide enough space to allow free foot movement. 

Thirdly, the inner sole should offer sufficient cushioning to support and provide comfort to the feet. And lastly, the outer sole should have a strong grip to support the players in lateral moves as well as in linear movements. 

By keeping these factors in mind, we have placed Nike Lebron 19 at the top of our list of best basketball shoes for wide feet. This shoe provides excellent cushion with Zoom Air and Max Air technology while midfoot shank plates and stretchy collar make this shoe comfortable and supportive to optimal performance.