Brothers in NBA Who Played Together, Bonded By Basketball [2023]

brothers in nba

Here I’m going to tell you something special about the NBA (national basketball association), which is the brothers in NBA and their fellowship of in the league. There is a mile-long list of siblings and twins played together, and these duos bring about unique zestfulness in the game. 

The brothers in NBA partnership makes momentous memories not only for the NBA league, but also for their families and fans. These partnerships make the game more interesting, even for those not interested in basketball.

So, below I’ve mentioned some brothers in NBA and twins who played together in a game.

The Curry Brothers In NBA

The Curry brothers, Steph Curry and Seth Curry, are the sons of former basketball player Dell Curry. Steph Curry, the elder brother, makes exciting achievements in basketball and won the championship of NBA 3 times and marked his name as one of the highest paid NBA players in the NBA history. He also has remained NBA’s all-time leader and also set other numerous and unforgettable records while his playing career.

The younger, Seth Curry, also etch his name on stone in basketball history. He stood tall for his deadly shooting ability. Curry has remained a key player for the Philadelphia 76ers, where due to his sharpshooting left an impact on history.  

Moreover, both these brothers are also famous for their tight-knit bond. They often spoke out publicly about their mutual understanding and wished for each other’s success. Their father Dell Curry was also the prime basketball player of his time. Following his retirement, he also remained connected with sports virtually and also sports his sons to achieve success in their lives.

In short, the Curry family shows the great manifestation of family love, support, appreciation, and hard work to hit the jackpot on and off the court.

The Morris Twins In NBA 

The Morris brothers are Marcus and Markieff. They are twins and also played in a team together and also knock down their competitors exceptionally with their hard-nosed shooting style.

These twin brothers have played in many teams like the Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns, and Washington Wizards. Markeiff was picked up by phoenix as the 13th pick while Houston brought about Marcus as the 14th pick. 

So far, every time these brothers get together brought about the outstanding success to be written in gold words.

The Gasol Brothers In NBA

The Gasol brothers, Pau Gasol and Mark Gasol are the most talented and accomplished players in the history of the NBA. They both played for different teams and made their name in NBA history.

Pau Gasol played for Los Angeles Lakers and won the championship and was also named the NBA Rookie of the year in 2022. While Marc Gasol played with the Toronto Raptors and won the championship in 2019.

Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol are Spanish players who played for their home country’s basketball team, the Spanish national basketball team, and represents it on an international level and also won championships.

The Lopez Twin Brothers In NBA

Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez are professional basketball players laying for NBA for several years, with contracts with different teams.

Brook currently played with the Milwaukee Bucks and attained his first-ever championship with the bucks. Brook also made his name through the Brooklyn nets.

While Robin Lopez enjoyed playing with many teams, most recently with the Orlando Magic. Other teams like the New Orleans Pelicans, Chicago bulls, Portland Trailblazers, etc. 

Lopez twins, born in California, also enjoyed comic books and also showed interest in comic book conventions. Furthermore, they also seem to be involved in charitable activities.

The Holiday Trio Brothers In NBA

Jrue Holiday, Aaron holiday, and Justin Holiday are the first brother trio to appear on the basketball court in the same game. 

Jrue Holiday won the championship with the Bucks and was also declared an all-star in NBA many times. 

Aaron Holiday played with the Indiana Pacers for three seasons and then become a point guard for the Washington Wizards.

Justin Holiday played with many teams throughout his career, including the Philadelphia 76ers, Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks, and Indiana Pacers. 


Siblings playing on the same court are evident the family’s support and love make you succeed in any sphere of life. 

These brothers and twins motivate others for the siblings to come together with the same goal and enthusiasm to come a long way.  

I hope this article helped you in getting information about the brothers in the NBA playing together to make their families and country proud of them.

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